Have you ever had the feeling when traveling that one, “we can take a… bus?! Hell to the no.” Or two, “how about a… plane?! That’s too damn much.” And well, the train approach really just falls somewhere in the middle of both of those responses. Allow me to introduce BlaBlaCar. How it works The […]

To all the people state side, I cannot imagine that I went my whole life without ever stepping foot on a fútbol (soccer) field. Well, I did. But not until I was way into college and that was strictly for intramural purposes. Let’s be real, I’m not Gareth Bale. I grew up on the American […]

So last weekend we flew by the seat of our pants and headed south to Málaga, Spain. We did not have much time for planning, but we accomplished a lot in less than 72 hours. How did we do it, you ask? RENT A CAR. I recommend a company like this one above, if you […]

Sometimes if we’re not traveling, it’s easy for our minds to relax and do absolutely nothing. However, Erica had an innovative idea for us to get out and roam on a photo safari. Something I had never experienced, but now highly recommend no matter where you live. There is always something to explore. And it’s, […]

“The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.” – Rudyard Kipling So much joy comes from my everyday life here in Madrid. Maybe it’s the fact that I only work about 16 hours a week for what some people here make working full time (shhhhh). Maybe it’s the fact that I […]

Hello 2014, glad to see everything is invariably fast in this thing we call life. But hey, it is what it is. I’m nowhere close to keeping up with blogging, and so I’m left to give an untimely recap of our journeys thus far. From country to country. Covering the highs of each trip, I […]

Well, it has been a while. Sorry for the delay in blogging, but for a not-so-often-writer, I’d say I’m doing pretty damn well. So, for my first adventure I traveled out to Lisbon, Portugal with my girl for a weekend getaway. I loved it. Here are my three very opinionated reasons as to why it […]